who won last week’s heavy weight boxing match

Last week, a highly anticipated heavyweight boxing match took place, captivating the attention of sports enthusiasts around the world. In this article, we will delve into the details of the match and explore various aspects surrounding the question of who emerged victorious.

The Contenders

The heavyweight boxing match featured two formidable fighters, each with their own unique strengths and styles. On one side was the reigning champion, Anthony Joshua, known for his powerful punches and strategic approach to the sport. On the other side was Deontay Wilder, a fierce competitor renowned for his lightning-fast punches and knockout ability.

Pre-Match Hype

The build-up to the match was filled with excitement and speculation. Both fighters engaged in intense training camps, with their coaches and teams working tirelessly to prepare them for the bout. The media coverage was extensive, with predictions and analysis from boxing experts and fans alike.

The Fight

The match itself was a spectacle of skill, strength, and determination. Both Joshua and Wilder entered the ring with their game faces on, ready to give their all. The fight consisted of multiple rounds, with each boxer displaying their unique techniques and strategies.

The Early Rounds

The first few rounds of the match were closely contested, with both fighters landing significant blows. Joshua showcased his superior footwork and defensive skills, while Wilder relied on his explosive power to keep his opponent on the backfoot. The crowd was on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the outcome.

A Turning Point

In the middle rounds, Joshua managed to land a devastating combination of punches that visibly rocked Wilder. This was a crucial turning point in the match, as it shifted the momentum in Joshua’s favor. Wilder, however, showed incredible resilience and managed to stay on his feet despite the onslaught.

The Final Rounds

who won last week's heavy weight boxing match

As the match progressed to the later rounds, fatigue began to set in for both fighters. Joshua continued to dominate with his precise punches and calculated aggression, while Wilder fought back with every ounce of strength he had left. The tension in the arena was palpable as the audience eagerly awaited the final verdict.

The Verdict

After an intense and closely contested battle, the judges’ decision was unanimous. Anthony Joshua emerged as the winner of the heavyweight boxing match. His superior technique, stamina, and ability to land impactful punches ultimately secured his victory.

Post-Match Reactions

The boxing community erupted with mixed reactions following Joshua’s win. Some praised his skill and resilience, hailing him as one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time. Others expressed disappointment, believing that Wilder had put up a valiant effort and deserved a closer result.

Future Prospects

With this victory, Anthony Joshua solidified his position as the reigning heavyweight champion. Speculation now surrounds potential future matchups, including a highly anticipated bout with Tyson Fury. Boxing fans eagerly await the next chapter in the heavyweight division’s unfolding story.


The heavyweight boxing match between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder was a thrilling encounter that captivated the world. Joshua’s victory showcased his skill, determination, and ability to overcome a formidable opponent. As the boxing landscape continues to evolve, the legacy of this match will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come.

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