who won the boxing match between mayweather and guerrero

who won the boxing match between mayweather and guerrero

The boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Robert Guerrero took place on [date] at [venue]. This highly anticipated bout pitted two skilled fighters against each other in a battle for the championship title. In this article, we will analyze the match from various perspectives to determine who emerged victorious.

Fighter Profiles

Mayweather, widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time, entered the match with an undefeated record and a reputation for his defensive skills and counterpunching ability. Guerrero, a skilled southpaw with a strong work rate, aimed to exploit Mayweather’s weaknesses and claim the victory.

Pre-Fight Hype and Expectations

Leading up to the match, there was significant hype surrounding the clash of styles between Mayweather and Guerrero. Mayweather’s defensive prowess and Guerrero’s aggressive approach created an intriguing narrative, with fans and experts eagerly awaiting the outcome.

Round-by-Round Analysis

Round 1: Mayweather showcased his defensive skills, evading Guerrero’s punches and landing precise counters.

Round 2: Guerrero increased his aggression, but Mayweather continued to frustrate him with his evasive maneuvers.

Round 3: Mayweather began to find his rhythm, landing accurate jabs and hooks.

Round 4: Guerrero attempted to press the action, but Mayweather’s defensive expertise nullified his efforts.

Round 5: Mayweather displayed his superior footwork and accuracy, landing clean shots while avoiding Guerrero’s attacks.

Round 6: Guerrero tried to mount a comeback, but Mayweather’s counterpunching remained effective.

Round 7: Mayweather dominated the round, landing powerful combinations that left Guerrero reeling.

who won the boxing match between mayweather and guerrero

Round 8: Guerrero showed resilience, but Mayweather’s precision and ring generalship secured him another round.

Round 9: Mayweather continued to outclass Guerrero, frustrating him with his elusive style.

Round 10: Guerrero’s aggression intensified, but Mayweather’s superior skills allowed him to control the round.

Round 11: Mayweather showcased his defensive brilliance, slipping punches and landing accurate counters.

Round 12: With the fight seemingly in hand, Mayweather coasted through the final round, avoiding any significant danger.

Judges’ Decision

After 12 rounds of action, the judges unanimously declared Floyd Mayweather Jr. the winner. The decision was based on Mayweather’s superior boxing skills, defensive prowess, and effective counterpunching. Guerrero’s aggressive approach was unable to overcome Mayweather’s technical mastery.

Post-Fight Analysis

Following the match, experts praised Mayweather for his exceptional performance, highlighting his ability to control the fight and neutralize Guerrero’s offense. Guerrero’s toughness and determination were also acknowledged, but ultimately, Mayweather’s skill set proved too much for him to handle.


In the Mayweather vs. Guerrero boxing match, Floyd Mayweather Jr. emerged as the clear winner. His technical proficiency, defensive skills, and strategic approach allowed him to dominate the fight and secure a unanimous decision victory. Mayweather’s victory further solidified his status as one of the greatest boxers in history.

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