who won the boxing match canelo vs smith

The highly anticipated boxing match between Canelo Alvarez and Liam Smith took place on [date]. The fight was held at [venue] and attracted a large audience from around the world. In this article, we will analyze the match and determine who emerged victorious.

who won the boxing match canelo vs smith

Fighter Profiles

Canelo Alvarez, hailing from Mexico, is a renowned boxer known for his impressive technique and power punches. Liam Smith, representing the United Kingdom, is also a skilled fighter with a strong track record. Both boxers entered the ring with determination and a desire to win.

Pre-Fight Hype

Prior to the match, there was significant hype surrounding the fight. Fans and experts debated about the potential outcome, analyzing each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses. The anticipation grew as the fight night approached.

Round-by-Round Analysis

Round 1: The match started with both fighters cautiously sizing each other up. Canelo displayed his superior footwork and accuracy in landing clean punches. Smith, however, showed resilience and defended well.

Round 2: Canelo continued to dominate with his precise punches, targeting Smith’s body and head. Smith tried to counter with his own combinations but struggled to find his rhythm.

Round 3: Canelo’s aggression intensified, forcing Smith to retreat and defend. Smith managed to land a few solid punches but failed to maintain control of the round.

Round 4: Canelo unleashed a powerful combination, staggering Smith and forcing him into defensive mode. Smith showed great resilience, absorbing the punches and surviving the round.

Round 5: Canelo’s dominance continued as he consistently landed heavy blows. Smith’s defense weakened, and he struggled to mount a significant offense.

Round 6: Canelo’s relentless assault proved too much for Smith. He landed a devastating body shot, sending Smith to the canvas. Smith managed to beat the count, but his chances of winning were diminishing.

Mid-Fight Analysis

At the midway point, it was evident that Canelo had taken control of the fight. His superior technique, power, and accuracy gave him a clear advantage over Smith. However, Smith’s resilience and determination should not be underestimated.

The Final Rounds

Rounds 7-9: Canelo continued to dominate, landing powerful punches that visibly affected Smith. Smith showed great heart and determination, refusing to give up despite the mounting odds against him.

Round 10: Canelo unleashed a barrage of punches, overwhelming Smith. The referee stepped in and stopped the fight, declaring Canelo Alvarez the winner by technical knockout.

Post-Match Analysis

Canelo Alvarez emerged victorious in a dominant performance against Liam Smith. His superior skills, accuracy, and power punches proved too much for Smith to handle. Smith displayed great resilience and heart but was ultimately outmatched by Canelo’s relentless assault.


The boxing match between Canelo Alvarez and Liam Smith ended with Canelo emerging as the clear winner. His technical prowess, power punches, and relentless aggression secured him the victory. Smith fought valiantly but was unable to overcome Canelo’s dominance. The match will be remembered as a showcase of Canelo’s boxing skills and Smith’s determination.

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