who won the nate diaz boxing match

who won the nate diaz boxing match

Who Won the Nate Diaz Boxing Match?

On November 7, 2020, Nate Diaz stepped into the boxing ring for the first time in his professional career. He faced off against fellow MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal in a highly anticipated bout. Fans were eager to see how Diaz would fare in the world of boxing, and the fight did not disappoint. In this article, we will take a detailed look at who won the Nate Diaz boxing match and analyze the fight from various angles.

The Build-Up

The build-up to the fight was intense, with both Diaz and Masvidal trash-talking each other in the lead-up to the bout. Diaz, known for his unorthodox fighting style and his ability to take a punch, was seen as the underdog going into the fight. However, he remained confident and focused, promising to shock the world with his performance.

Masvidal, on the other hand, was coming off a huge win against Ben Askren and was riding a wave of momentum. He was seen as the favorite going into the fight, with many experts predicting that he would knock Diaz out early in the match.

The Fight

The fight itself was a back-and-forth affair, with both fighters landing significant blows throughout the match. Diaz started off strong, using his reach advantage to keep Masvidal at bay and landing some solid jabs. However, Masvidal quickly found his rhythm and began to land some powerful punches of his own.

As the fight wore on, both fighters began to tire, but neither was willing to back down. Diaz continued to use his reach advantage, while Masvidal relied on his power and accuracy. In the end, the fight went the distance, with both fighters showing incredible heart and determination.

The Decision

After the final bell rang, the judges had a difficult decision to make. The fight was closely contested, with both fighters having their moments. In the end, however, the judges awarded the victory to Masvidal, with two judges scoring the fight 48-47 in his favor and one judge scoring it 49-46.

While Diaz was disappointed with the decision, he was gracious in defeat, praising Masvidal for his performance and vowing to come back stronger in his next fight.

who won the nate diaz boxing match

The Aftermath

The Nate Diaz boxing match was a huge success, drawing a large audience and generating a lot of buzz in the MMA world. While Diaz did not come out on top, he proved that he has what it takes to compete in the world of boxing and earned the respect of many fans and fellow fighters.

For Masvidal, the victory solidified his status as one of the top fighters in the world and set him up for even bigger fights in the future. He has since gone on to challenge for the UFC welterweight title and remains a fan favorite.


In conclusion, the Nate Diaz boxing match was an exciting and closely contested bout that showcased the skills and heart of both fighters. While Masvidal ultimately came out on top, Diaz proved that he belongs in the world of boxing and earned the respect of fans and fellow fighters alike. We can only hope that he will continue to compete in the sport and provide us with more thrilling matches in the future.

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