who made the first boxer shorts

who made the first boxer shorts

Boxer shorts, also known as boxers, are a type of men’s underwear characterized by loose-fitting, comfortable design. They have become popular worldwide due to their relaxed fit and breathable fabric. In this article, we will explore the origins of boxer shorts and discuss the different individuals and companies that played a role in their creation.

Early Origins of Boxer Shorts

The concept of loose-fitting men’s undergarments can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Greece. However, the modern boxer shorts as we know them today emerged in the early 20th century.

who made the first boxer shorts

John Jacob Golomb

One of the key figures in the development of boxer shorts was John Jacob Golomb, an immigrant from Romania. In 1925, Golomb founded the company Everlast, initially specializing in swimwear and gym apparel. Golomb is often credited with introducing the first modern boxer shorts, which were initially designed for professional boxers to wear during training.

Everlast and the Popularization of Boxer Shorts

Everlast’s boxer shorts gained popularity among athletes and eventually made their way into mainstream fashion. The company’s reputation for producing high-quality athletic wear helped establish boxer shorts as a comfortable and practical choice for men.

Jacob Golomb and the Elastic Waistband

In the 1930s, Jacob Golomb, John Jacob Golomb’s son, made a significant improvement to boxer shorts by introducing the elastic waistband. This innovation provided a more secure and adjustable fit, further enhancing the comfort and functionality of boxer shorts.

Competitors and Contributions

While Everlast played a significant role in popularizing boxer shorts, other companies and individuals also made contributions to their development. These include companies like Jockey International, which introduced its own line of boxer shorts in the 1930s, and individuals like Arthur Kneibler, who designed a more form-fitting version known as “briefs” or “tight boxers.”

Continued Evolution and Innovation

Over the years, boxer shorts continued to evolve and adapt to changing fashion trends and consumer preferences. Different materials, patterns, and designs were introduced to cater to a wide range of tastes and needs. Today, boxer shorts are available in various lengths, fabrics, and styles, ensuring there is something for everyone.


While the exact individual who made the first boxer shorts may be difficult to pinpoint, it is clear that the development of this comfortable and practical undergarment was a collective effort. From John Jacob Golomb’s introduction of boxer shorts for professional boxers to the contributions of other companies and individuals, boxer shorts have come a long way and remain a popular choice for men worldwide.

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