why did they wrap daenerys hands in episode 2

In episode 2 of the popular TV series “Game of Thrones,” Daenerys Targaryen’s hands are wrapped for a specific reason. This article aims to explore the various aspects and reasons behind this intriguing scene.

1. Protection

One possible reason for wrapping Daenerys’ hands is to provide protection. As a queen and leader, Daenerys is constantly exposed to potential threats and dangers. Wrapping her hands could serve as a precautionary measure to shield her from harm.

Furthermore, Daenerys has a history of surviving fire-related incidents, such as when she emerged unscathed from the flames of Khal Drogo’s pyre. Wrapping her hands may offer an additional layer of protection against fire or other hazardous elements.

2. Healing

Another reason for wrapping Daenerys’ hands could be to aid in the healing process. Throughout the series, Daenerys has endured physical injuries, particularly to her hands, such as burns from handling dragon eggs and wounds from battles. Wrapping her hands may help promote healing and prevent further damage.

Additionally, Daenerys’ hands may have been wrapped due to a recent injury or strain, which requires immobilization and support for proper recovery.

3. Symbolism

The wrapping of Daenerys’ hands may carry symbolic significance. In the world of “Game of Thrones,” physical appearances often reflect characters’ journeys and transformations. Wrapping her hands could symbolize Daenerys’ transition from a vulnerable and naive princess to a powerful and strategic queen.

Moreover, the act of wrapping can represent a form of concealment or containment. It suggests that Daenerys is hiding something or keeping her true intentions and powers under wraps.

4. Fashion statement

why did they wrap daenerys hands in episode 2

Daenerys Targaryen is known for her iconic and elaborate costumes. The wrapping of her hands could be a fashion statement, showcasing her unique style and adding an element of mystery to her overall appearance.

Furthermore, the hand wraps might be a cultural or traditional accessory in Daenerys’ homeland of Essos, reflecting her heritage and identity.

5. Strategic move

Wrapping Daenerys’ hands could be a strategic move to maintain her grip on power. As a ruler, it is crucial for her to appear strong and in control. The hand wraps may serve as a visual reminder of her authority and ability to overcome challenges.

Additionally, the wrapping of her hands could be a tactical decision to gain the trust and loyalty of her subjects. It may create an aura of vulnerability, making her seem more relatable and approachable to the common people.

6. Continuity with the books

For fans of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series, the wrapping of Daenerys’ hands could be a nod to the original source material. In the books, Daenerys often wears gloves to conceal a mysterious and potentially dangerous condition known as “dragon’s scale.” Wrapping her hands in the TV series could be a way to maintain continuity with this aspect of her character.


The wrapping of Daenerys’ hands in episode 2 of “Game of Thrones” serves multiple purposes, ranging from protection and healing to symbolism and strategic moves. Whether it is for practical, aesthetic, or narrative reasons, this intriguing detail adds depth to Daenerys’ character and keeps audiences engaged in her journey.

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