why does benzema wrap his hand

why does benzema wrap his hand

Why Does Benzema Wrap His Hand?

There are several reasons why Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema wraps his hand during matches. This article will explore the various aspects that contribute to this practice.

Injury Prevention

One possible reason for Benzema wrapping his hand is to prevent injuries. Football is a physical sport, and players often use various protective measures to minimize the risk of getting hurt. Wrapping the hand can provide additional support and stability to the joints, reducing the chances of sprains or fractures.

Furthermore, wrapping the hand can help protect the fingers from getting bent or twisted during tackles or clashes with opponents. This can be particularly important for a player like Benzema, who frequently engages in aerial duels and physical battles with defenders.

Previous Injuries

Another reason for Benzema’s hand wrapping could be related to previous injuries. Football players often have recurring issues, and wrapping a previously injured hand can provide extra support to the affected area. This can help alleviate pain and reduce the risk of aggravating the injury during a match.

Benzema might have experienced hand injuries in the past, and wrapping his hand could be a precautionary measure to ensure he can continue playing at his best without any discomfort.

Psychological Comfort

Wrapping the hand can also have psychological benefits for Benzema. Athletes often have rituals or habits that help them feel more confident and focused during games. By wrapping his hand, Benzema may feel a sense of security and control, which can boost his performance on the field.

Additionally, the hand wrapping might serve as a visual reminder of the importance of protecting himself and maintaining his physical well-being. This can contribute to his overall mindset and help him stay focused on the game.

Style Statement

Some players use unique accessories or gear as a way to express their personal style or make a fashion statement. Benzema’s hand wrapping could fall into this category. By wrapping his hand in a particular way, he may be showcasing his individuality and distinguishing himself from other players.

This style statement can also attract attention and generate discussions among fans and media, creating a distinctive image for Benzema both on and off the field.

why does benzema wrap his hand

Team Strategy

It is also possible that Benzema’s hand wrapping is part of a team strategy. Coaches and medical staff often work together to develop game plans and tactics that maximize the team’s performance. The hand wrapping could be a specific instruction given to Benzema to fulfill a particular role or play a specific style of play.

For example, the hand wrapping might be used to signal to teammates that Benzema is the primary target for aerial crosses or set-pieces. It could also be a way to communicate with teammates about the positioning and movement they should adopt when playing alongside him.


Superstition plays a significant role in the world of sports, and many athletes have their own rituals or beliefs that they adhere to. Benzema’s hand wrapping could be a superstitious practice that he believes brings him luck or enhances his performance.

Superstitions can be deeply ingrained in an athlete’s routine, and deviating from them can cause anxiety or a loss of focus. Therefore, Benzema might continue to wrap his hand simply because it has become part of his pre-match ritual and brings him a sense of comfort.

Medical Advice

Lastly, it is worth considering that Benzema’s hand wrapping might be based on medical advice. Football clubs have medical teams that assess players’ physical conditions and provide recommendations to prevent injuries or manage existing ones.

If Benzema has a specific condition or vulnerability in his hand, the medical staff might have recommended wrapping it as a preventive measure. This would ensure that he can continue playing without exacerbating any underlying issues.

In Conclusion

Overall, the reasons behind Benzema wrapping his hand during matches are likely multifaceted. They may include injury prevention, previous injuries, psychological comfort, style statement, team strategy, superstition, and medical advice. Each of these factors contributes to Benzema’s decision to wrap his hand, ultimately supporting his performance on the field.

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