why am i getting a planet mma error message

Why am I getting a Planet MMA error message?

Planet MMA is a popular streaming application for mixed martial arts (MMA) fans, allowing them to watch live fights, replays, and other MMA-related content. However, users sometimes encounter error messages while using the app. In this article, we will explore several possible reasons for receiving a Planet MMA error message and provide solutions to troubleshoot the issue.

1. Internet Connectivity

One common reason for receiving a Planet MMA error message is a poor internet connection. If your internet speed is slow or unstable, the app may struggle to load content, resulting in an error. To resolve this issue, try connecting to a more stable network or resetting your internet router.

why am i getting a planet mma error message

Additionally, ensure that your device’s Wi-Fi or mobile data is enabled and working correctly. If you are using a mobile network, check if you have sufficient data or if you have exceeded your data limit.

2. Outdated App Version

Another possible reason for encountering a Planet MMA error message is using an outdated version of the app. Developers frequently release updates to fix bugs, improve performance, and add new features. If you have not updated the app to the latest version, it may cause compatibility issues and trigger error messages.

To resolve this, visit the app store on your device and check for any available updates for Planet MMA. If an update is available, install it, and try running the app again.

3. Insufficient Storage Space

If your device has limited storage space, it can affect the smooth functioning of apps like Planet MMA. When there is not enough space to store temporary files or cache data, error messages may appear. To address this issue, free up some storage space on your device by deleting unnecessary files, apps, or media.

Alternatively, you can clear the cache of the Planet MMA app itself. Go to your device’s settings, find the app settings, locate Planet MMA, and clear its cache. This action will remove any temporary files that might be causing the error.

4. Server Issues

At times, the Planet MMA servers may experience technical difficulties, leading to error messages for users. Server issues can result from maintenance, high traffic, or other unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, there is little the user can do except wait for the developers to resolve the problem.

However, you can check if the issue is specific to your device or affecting all users by visiting online forums or social media platforms where other users might be discussing similar problems. This will help you determine if the error is widespread or isolated.

5. Device Compatibility

Not all devices are compatible with the Planet MMA app. If you are using an older device or one with outdated operating systems, you may encounter compatibility issues that trigger error messages. In such cases, upgrading your device or using a different one that meets the app’s requirements may be necessary.

Before purchasing a new device, check the official Planet MMA website or app store for the minimum system requirements. Ensure that your device meets these specifications to avoid compatibility issues.

6. Account Issues

If you have a Planet MMA account, certain account-related issues can cause error messages. For example, incorrect login credentials, expired subscriptions, or billing problems can prevent the app from functioning correctly.

Double-check your login details to ensure they are accurate. If you have a subscription, verify its status and expiration date. If there are any billing issues, contact the Planet MMA support team for assistance.


Encountering a Planet MMA error message can be frustrating, but by considering the factors mentioned above, you can troubleshoot the issue effectively. Check your internet connectivity, update the app, ensure sufficient storage space, be aware of server issues, verify device compatibility, and address any account-related problems. By following these steps, you can enjoy uninterrupted MMA content on the Planet MMA app.

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