why are mma fighters short

Why are MMA fighters short?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport that combines various fighting techniques from different disciplines. One common observation in MMA is that many fighters tend to be shorter in height compared to athletes in other sports. While there are exceptions, this article aims to explore the possible reasons behind why many MMA fighters are shorter.

1. Weight Class Advantage

One reason for the prevalence of shorter MMA fighters is the advantage they have in lower weight classes. Shorter fighters often have a lower center of gravity, which can provide them with better stability and balance. This advantage allows them to execute takedowns, maintain control on the ground, and deliver powerful strikes more effectively.

Additionally, shorter fighters may have a higher strength-to-weight ratio, allowing them to generate more power in their strikes. This can make them formidable opponents, especially in weight classes where speed and agility are crucial.

2. Natural Attributes

Height is largely determined by genetics, and some individuals are naturally predisposed to be shorter. MMA fighters, like athletes in any other sport, come from diverse backgrounds and genetic pools. It is possible that shorter individuals are more inclined to pursue combat sports like MMA due to their physical attributes.

Shorter fighters may have certain physical characteristics that make them suitable for MMA. For example, they may have a stockier build, which can provide them with better endurance and durability in grueling fights.

why are mma fighters short

3. Lower Risk of Injury

Shorter fighters may have a lower risk of certain injuries compared to their taller counterparts. They often have shorter limbs, which can be advantageous in avoiding submissions, such as joint locks or chokes. Moreover, shorter fighters may have less distance for their opponents to generate leverage and apply force, reducing the risk of severe injuries.

Additionally, shorter fighters may have stronger bones and joints due to their compact structure, which can help them withstand the physical demands of MMA.

4. Faster Movement

Shorter fighters tend to have quicker footwork and agility, allowing them to move swiftly in the octagon. Their shorter stature requires less energy to move around, enabling them to change directions rapidly and evade strikes more efficiently. This speed advantage can make it challenging for taller opponents to land significant blows.

Furthermore, shorter fighters often have a shorter reach, which encourages them to close the distance quickly and engage in close-quarters combat where their speed and agility can be advantageous.

5. Wrestling Background

Many successful MMA fighters come from wrestling backgrounds, where height is not always a significant advantage. Wrestlers often focus on techniques that allow them to control their opponents, regardless of their height. As a result, shorter wrestlers may transition well into MMA, utilizing their grappling skills and tenacity to dominate their opponents.

Shorter fighters with a wrestling background may excel in takedowns, maintaining top control, and neutralizing the striking abilities of taller opponents.

6. Psychological Factors

Psychological factors can also play a role in the prevalence of shorter MMA fighters. Height can have an impact on an individual’s confidence and self-perception. Some shorter individuals may feel a need to prove themselves, leading them to pursue combat sports like MMA as a means to showcase their skills and abilities.

Moreover, shorter fighters may develop a unique fighting style and strategy to compensate for their height disadvantage. This adaptability and determination can make them formidable opponents in the octagon.


There are several reasons why many MMA fighters are shorter in height. Factors such as weight class advantage, natural attributes, lower risk of injury, faster movement, wrestling background, and psychological factors all contribute to the prevalence of shorter fighters in MMA. It is essential to remember that height alone does not determine success in MMA, as fighters of all heights can excel with the right combination of skills, training, and determination.

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