why is mma not popular india

why is mma not popular india

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport that combines various techniques from different martial arts disciplines. While it has gained immense popularity in many countries around the world, MMA remains relatively less popular in India. This article aims to explore the reasons behind the limited popularity of MMA in India.

Lack of Historical Connection

One of the reasons for MMA’s limited popularity in India is the lack of a historical connection to combat sports. Unlike countries such as Brazil or Japan, where martial arts have deep cultural roots, India does not have a strong tradition of combat sports. As a result, MMA struggles to find a significant following and fails to capture the imagination of the masses.

Traditional Sports Dominance

India has a rich history of traditional sports like cricket, hockey, and kabaddi, which enjoy immense popularity among the masses. These sports have a strong fan base and receive extensive media coverage, making it challenging for MMA to compete for attention and resources.

Limited Exposure

MMA in India suffers from limited exposure due to a lack of mainstream media coverage. Unlike cricket or other popular sports, MMA events are rarely broadcasted on national television, limiting the reach and visibility of the sport. Without adequate exposure, it becomes difficult for MMA to gain traction and attract a wider audience.

Perception as a Violent Sport

MMA’s reputation as a violent and brutal sport is another reason for its limited popularity in India. Many people perceive MMA as a sport that promotes aggression and brutality, which goes against the cultural values of peace and non-violence that are deeply ingrained in Indian society. This perception hampers the acceptance and growth of MMA in the country.

Lack of Prominent Indian Fighters

The absence of prominent Indian fighters in the global MMA scene is another factor that hinders the popularity of the sport in India. Unlike countries like Brazil or the United States, which have produced several world-class MMA fighters, India has yet to produce a fighter who can capture the imagination of the masses and inspire a new generation of MMA enthusiasts.

Infrastructure and Training Facilities

The lack of proper infrastructure and training facilities for MMA is a significant hurdle in its growth in India. Unlike traditional sports, which have well-established training academies and coaching systems, MMA lacks a robust support system in the country. The absence of quality training facilities and experienced coaches makes it difficult for aspiring MMA fighters to pursue the sport seriously.

Language Barriers

why is mma not popular india

India is a linguistically diverse country with numerous regional languages. The dominance of English and Hindi in mainstream media further limits the reach of MMA, as many regional language speakers may not have access to content or commentary in their native languages. This language barrier acts as a deterrent for potential MMA fans.

Alternative Entertainment Options

India offers a wide range of entertainment options, from Bollywood movies to reality shows. With such a diverse and competitive entertainment industry, MMA struggles to capture the attention of the Indian audience. The availability of alternative options leads to a diversion of interest and limited popularity for MMA.


While MMA has gained popularity in many parts of the world, it remains relatively less popular in India. The lack of historical connection, dominance of traditional sports, limited exposure, perception as a violent sport, absence of prominent Indian fighters, inadequate infrastructure, language barriers, and alternative entertainment options all contribute to the limited popularity of MMA in India. To increase its popularity, efforts must be made to address these challenges and promote the sport to a wider audience in the country.

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