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Will Harris is a prominent figure in the world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). He is known for his impressive skills and athletic abilities. One aspect that stands out about Harris is his height, which plays a significant role in his fighting style and overall performance in the ring. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of Will Harris’ height and how it impacts his MMA career.

Genetics and Physical Attributes

Will Harris is blessed with exceptional genetics, including his height. Standing at an impressive [insert height], Harris has a natural advantage over many of his opponents. His long limbs and tall stature allow him to reach his opponents more easily, giving him an extended range for strikes and grapples. This physical attribute contributes significantly to his success in the MMA arena.

Furthermore, Harris’ height provides him with a larger frame, which can be advantageous in terms of weight distribution and leverage during fights. This allows him to generate more power behind his strikes and maintain a dominant position on the ground.

Striking Game

Harris’ height plays a crucial role in his striking game. With his long reach, he can keep his opponents at a distance, making it difficult for them to close the gap and land strikes. This strategic advantage allows Harris to dictate the pace of the fight and control the distance between him and his opponents.

In addition, Harris’ height enables him to throw powerful and accurate kicks. His long legs provide him with extended reach, making it easier for him to land devastating kicks to his opponents’ body and head. This aspect of his striking game often catches his opponents off guard and can lead to quick knockouts or significant damage.

Grappling and Ground Game

While height may not be as significant in grappling as it is in striking, it still plays a role in Harris’ ground game. His height allows him to maintain a dominant position during takedowns, making it harder for his opponents to escape or reverse the situation. Additionally, Harris’ long limbs provide him with more opportunities for submissions, as he can wrap his limbs around his opponents’ neck or limbs more easily.

However, it is worth noting that being tall can also pose challenges in grappling. Harris may be more susceptible to certain takedowns or submissions due to his longer limbs, as they provide his opponents with more leverage and control. Therefore, Harris has to be mindful of his positioning and technique to avoid being caught in compromising situations on the ground.

Defensive Advantages

Harris’ height offers him several defensive advantages. His long reach allows him to keep his opponents at bay, making it harder for them to land strikes or initiate grappling exchanges. This defensive strategy forces his opponents to take more risks and exposes them to counterattacks.

will harris mma height

Moreover, Harris’ height provides him with a larger target for his opponents to hit. While this may sound like a disadvantage, it actually works in his favor. His opponents may struggle to land clean strikes, as Harris can use his height to evade and deflect incoming attacks more effectively.

Training and Adaptation

Despite the inherent advantages that come with his height, Harris still needs to train and adapt his fighting style to maximize his potential. He must work on maintaining a proper stance and footwork to utilize his height effectively. Additionally, Harris needs to develop strategies to counter opponents who may try to exploit his height disadvantage in certain situations.

Furthermore, Harris must be mindful of his weight and body composition to ensure that his height does not become a hindrance. He needs to maintain a balance between adding muscle mass and staying agile, as excessive weight gain can affect his speed and mobility in the octagon.


Will Harris’ height is undoubtedly a significant factor in his MMA career. It provides him with numerous advantages in both striking and grappling, allowing him to dominate his opponents. However, it also presents certain challenges that Harris must overcome through proper training and adaptation. Overall, his height is a crucial aspect of his fighting style and contributes to his success in the world of MMA.

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