Alarcon defeats Montenegro in Panama

Alarcon defeats Montenegro in Panama

In a thrilling match on Thursday evening in Panama City, Hernan Alarcon emerged victorious over Felix Montenegro, claiming the Fedecentro bantamweight belt from the World Boxing Association (WBA).

Facing a tough challenge on unfamiliar turf at the Pandeportes Coliseum in the Panamanian capital, the Colombian boxer displayed remarkable skill and determination. Alarcon, remaining unbeaten in his career, seized the WBA regional championship title with a dominant performance.

Throughout the match, Alarcon exhibited focus and perseverance, gradually gaining momentum and ultimately securing the victory in the seventh round. The 27-year-old fighter from Barranquilla showcased his abilities against a seasoned opponent, underscoring his potential for further success.

Alarcon’s current record stands at 8 wins, no losses, and 7 knockouts, highlighting his impressive ascent in the boxing world. Meanwhile, Montenegro’s record now reflects 12 wins, 10 losses, 1 draw, and 8 knockouts.

This triumph marks a significant milestone for Alarcon’s career, signaling his promising future in the sport.

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