Benavidez Feeling Strong and Confident at 175 for Gvozdyk Fight

Benavidez Feeling Strong and Confident at 175 for Gvozdyk Fight

David Benavidez is currently weighing in at 188 lbs, feeling strong and getting ready for his upcoming fight against former WBC light heavyweight champion Oleksandr Gvozdyk on June 15th. The fight will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and will be available on Prime Video PPV.

Despite his solid look at 188 lbs, Benavidez has been struggling for years to cut down to 168 lbs. He believes he should have moved up to the light heavyweight division a long time ago but stayed back in hopes of securing a fight against Canelo Alvarez.

With confidence in his abilities, Benavidez aims to knock out Gvozdyk and win the WBC interim 175-lb title. This fight is crucial for his future plans, as he seeks to position himself for the undisputed championship in 2025.

While Benavidez plans to return to the 168-lb division to chase his dream of fighting Canelo, he acknowledges the financial challenges involved in making that fight happen due to Canelo’s steep demands.

If Benavidez fails to defeat Gvozdyk, he may have to reconsider his weight class and possibly return to super middleweight. Fighting opponents his own size at 175 may pose a new challenge for him, given his history of facing smaller opponents in the lower weight class.

As fight week approaches, Benavidez is focused on being in top form for his showdown with Gvozdyk. He believes that moving up to 175 has made him hit harder and is eager to showcase his skills in this new weight class.

The upcoming fight between Benavidez and Gvozdyk will be broadcast live on Prime Video on June 15th in Las Vegas.

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