Boxing results: Edgar Berlanga Stops McCrory!

Boxing results: Edgar Berlanga Stops McCrory!

At the Caribe Royale Orlando, Orlando, Florida on Saturday over DAZN co-promoters Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing) and Amaury Piedra (Boxlab Promotions) presented in the Main Event the return after eight months WBO NABO Super Middleweight champion Edgar ‘The Chosen One’ Berlanga stopped former WBC Silver Super Middle and former IBO World Light Heavyweight champion Padraig ‘The Hammer McCrory in six rounds!

In the co-Main Event 2020 Olympic Gold Medalist and WBA International champion Andy Cruz defeated Brayan Zamarripa over 10 rounds.

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In the Main Event WBO NABO Super Middle champ Edgar ‘The Chosen One’ Berlanga, 22-0 (17), #167 ¾, of PR, New York, NY, stopped former WBC Silver Super Middle and former IBO World Light Heavy champ Padraig ‘The Hammer’ McCrory, 18-1 (9), #167 ¾, of Belfast, No. IRE, UK, at 2:44 of the sixth round of a scheduled 12 rounds.

In the first round McCrory stalked Berlanga landing jabs while Berlanga hardly landed any punches. McCrory warned for lifting Berlanga in the air by Referee Christopher Young. In the second round little happened with McCrory landing more than Berlanga taking another round.

In the third round after a minute Berlanga warned for using an elbow to the face. Coming out of a clinch McCrory landed a left to the chin of Berlanga. Berlanga landed the final punch of the round a left to the body. The fight seemed even up to that point.

In the fourth round with a minute remaining Berlanga hurt McCrory with a let to the chin his best punch so far and winning his first round. In the fifth rounds halfway point Berlanga landed a right to the nose drawing blood. Referee Young seems timid in warning Berlanga of low blows.

In the sixth round McCrory landed a right drawing blood from the right eyebrow of Berlanga. This seemed to urge Berlanga on doing more offensively than in all the previous rounds. In the final minute Berlanga landed an overhand right on the chin of McCrory and down he went unable to beat the count of referee Young.

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In the co-Main Event IBF International Light champ and 2020 Olympic Gold Medalist Andy Cruz, 3-0 (1), #135, of Matanzas, Cuba and Miami, FL, defeated southpaw Brayan Zamarripa, 14-3 (5), #135, of Ensenada Baja California, MEX, over 10 rounds.

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In the first round Cruz who was 140-9 in the amateurs was the aggressor taking the round with rights to the body for the most part. In the second round a right to the body from Cruz had Zamarripa grabbing Cruz in order not to go down. In the third round, stalking Zamarripa Cruz easily took the round with body shots.

In the fourth round Zamarripa landed a solid left to the body backing Cruz up midway. In the final minute Cruz drew blood from the nose of Zamarripa with a right hand. In the fifth round Zamarripa suddenly countered with left leads to the body of Cruz on several occasions. Cruz out landed him in a close round.

In the sixth rounds halfway point Cruz landed a solid right to the body hurting Zamarripa following with a right to the face bloodying his nose and mouth. Zamarripa did enough at the end to get through the round.

In the seventh round Cruz switching to southpaw and back chased landing rights to the body and to the chin again drawing blood from the nose of Zamarripa who did enough to get through another round.

In the eighth round Zamarripa had his best round by standing his ground instead of running in a close round. In the ninth rounds final minute Cruz hurt Zamarripa with a right to the body. Cruz hit Zamarripa after the bell with a right frustrated not getting a stoppage.

In the tenth and final round Zamarripa out landed Cruz standing his ground landing punches to the body. Cruz won the fight but could not end it due to Zamarripa’s knowing how to survive and land some good body punches. Referee Massimo Montennini.

Scores were 100-90 by all judges and 98-92 KH.

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2016 Olympic Silver Medalist welter Shakhram ‘Wonder Boy’ Giyasov, 15-0 (9), #146 ¾, of UZE and Brooklyn, NY, defeated by technical decision over Pablo ‘El Demoledor’ Cano, 35-9-1 (25), #146 ¼, of Atizipan de Zaragoza, MEX, over 11 rounds, in a WBA Welter world title eliminator.

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In the first round Giyasov was the aggressor while Cano had a good countering jab. In the second rounds midway point Giyasov landed a right to the body knocking Cano back several steps.

Then Cano landed several left hooks to the chin and became the aggressor. In the third round Giyasov dropped Cano with a left hook to the body for an 8-count from Referee Luis Pabon with a minute remaining as Cano spit out his mouthpiece to get time to recover.

In the fourth round Cano came out again the aggressor, but landed few punches as Giyasov countered what was landed. In the fifth round Giyasov kept backing up countering. Cano ended the final minute out working Giyasov taking the round.

In the sixth round Cano was going to the body having Giyasov holding on. Giyasov was warned for a low blow and holding by referee Pabon. Round went to Cano. In the seventh round Cano landed a low blow giving Giyasov a short rest. Cano continued walking Giyasov down landing the final punch a right on the chin at the bell taking a close round. In the eighth round Giyasov would land several punches then grab Cano into a clinch several times in the round.

In the ninth round Cano landed a left drawing blood from the nose of Giyasov who went down but referee Pabon called it a slip after a pull down. It was a good round for Cano who is possibly in need of a stoppage at this point. In the tenth round Cano continued chasing Giyasov who did little having a good lead and looked like he was knocked down but referee Pabon called it a slip.

In the eleventh round Cano chased Giyasov who landed several punches then holding. At the bell Giyasov pushed Cano to the canvas while being off balance hurting the ankle of Cano. The referee Pabon gave no warning. The referee said to go to the scorecards since Cano couldn’t continue due to injury.

Scores were 109-99 by all judges winning a technical decision. 108-100 KH.

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Highly decorated amateur and WBA Continental Americas Bantam champ Antonio Vargas, 18-1 (9), #117 ½, of Kissimmee, FL, stopped WBA Inter-Continental champ Jonathan Rodriguez, 17-2-1 (7), #118, of PR and Bethlehem, PA, after seven solid rounds of a scheduled 12 rounds, in a WBA world title eliminator.

In the first round it was all the aggressive Vargas until the final fifteen seconds when Rodriguez landed a right on the chin and down went Vargas who was pulling back. He took an 8-count from Referee Christopher Young in the final seconds.

In the second round Vargas came out throwing bombs backing up Rodriguez whose right eye started to swell badly. Vargas in the final seconds Vargas landed half a dozen punches dropping Rodriguez to a knee but while down and penalized two points despite scoring the knockdown. An 8-8 round?

In the fourth round Vargas was on the attack until the end of the first minute when Roderiguez rocked Vargas with a left on the chin. In the final minute Vargas was getting the best of it when Rodriguez counters back. Both were landing punches at the bell.

In the fifth round Vargas was out working Rodriguez chasing him down. In the final minute Vargas continued dominating the round. After five rounds Vargas had the edge.

In the sixth round it was all Vargas increasing his lead overpowering Rodriguez for the most part. In the seventh round Vargas continued walking down the always dangerous Rodriguez who could lash out at any time while being chased. In the final minute Vargas went to the body more dropping Rodriguez for an 8-count from referee Young with a left on the chin taking another round as the bell sounded

The corner of Rodriguez wisely called a halt between rounds.

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2020 Olympian southpaw Yankiel ‘El Doctorcito’ Rivera, 5-0 (2), #111 ¾, of Toa Alta, PR, defeated Andy Dominguez, 10-1 (5), #111 ½, of Mexico City, MEX, Las Vegas, NV, over 10 solid rounds, winning the vacant WBA Continental Americas Fly title.

In the first round Dominguez was the quicker of the two out landing Rivera. In the final minute Dominguez landed a solid right on the chin of Rivera. Rivera won the round. In the third round Rivera became the aggressor in an all action fight. They stood toe-to-toe for the most part slugging it out. Dominguez took a close round up two to one in rounds.

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In the fourth round the left eye of Dominguez started to show some swelling and blood over his right eye. Good round for Rivera. In the fifth round the face of Dominguez looked well beaten as Rivera never lets up with his attack. Between rounds Referee Frank Santore, Jr. took a look at Dominguez in his corner.

Dominguez. In the sixth round Rivera had too much power for Dominguez whose left eye is nearly closed by the end of the round. The referee checked the corner of Dominguez again.

In the seventh round after a minute Rivera landed half a dozen unanswered punches to the head. Dominguez never stops trying while coming forward but doesn’t have the power of Rivera. In the eighth round the gutsy Dominguez is still coming forward as Rivera counters him.

In the ninth round Dominguez continues coming forward walking into the counter punches of Rivera. Dominguez hurt Rivera with a body shot backing him into a corner having Rivera holding on.

Rivera ended the round with a flurry. It was a big round for Dominguez. In the tenth and final round Dominguez is coming after Rivera who seems to outland him while backing up halfway through the round. Dominguez is fighting on guts alone hardly able to see but still coming forward as Rivera picks him apart taking the final round while Dominguez showed all the heart in the world.

Scores were 99-91 by all judges and 98-92 KH.

Super Light Aaron ‘The Allen King’ Aponte, 8-1-1 (2), #141, of Hialeah, FL, Joseph Fernandez, 17-5-3 (6), #140.4, of St. Petersburg, FL, 8 rounds

Heavy Herich Ruiz Cordoba, 4-0 (3), #223.4, of Isla de la Juventud, CUBA, Las Vegas, NV, Joshua Price, 0-0 (0), #?, of Baltimore, MD, 6 rounds.

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Ring Announcer David Diamante

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