Boxing Results: Xander Zayas Dominates Patrick Teixeira at MSG!

Boxing Results: Xander Zayas Dominates Patrick Teixeira at MSG!

Xander Zayas emerged victorious over Patrick Teixeira in a one-sided 10-round battle at Madison Square Garden Theater in New York. From the start, Zayas dominated each round, with Teixeira putting up a valiant effort but ultimately unable to match Zayas’s pace. Despite Teixeira’s efforts to use his jab, Zayas continued to dictate the pace of the fight and maintain control.

In the co-main event, Bruce ‘Shu Shu’ Carrington of Brooklyn, NY, secured a victory over Brayan ‘La Roca’ De Gracia of Panama City, PAN, with a stoppage in the eighth round of their scheduled 10-round bout. In an intense back-and-forth battle, Carrington’s power proved too much for De Gracia to handle, leading to the referee calling the fight to an end.

Olympian Delante ‘Tiger’ Johnson of Cleveland, OH, showcased his skills in an eight-round bout against Tarik ‘El Camello’ Zaina of Tangier, MOR. Johnson’s precision and control throughout the fight earned him a unanimous decision victory, with the judges scoring the bout in his favor.

In other matches of the night, Andy Dominguez, Jahi Tucker, Ofacio ‘Sniper’ Falcon, Nisa Rodriguez, and Ali Feliz all secured victories in their respective bouts, showcasing their skills and determination in the ring. The night was filled with intense competition and thrilling moments for fans in attendance at Madison Square Garden Theater.

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