Bradley Criticizes Stevenson’s Decision to Reject Top Rank’s Offer

Bradley Criticizes Stevenson’s Decision to Reject Top Rank’s Offer

Shakur Stevenson has raised some eyebrows by turning down a lucrative $15 million deal offered by Top Rank, opting instead to explore the possibility of securing a more beneficial arrangement with Turki Alalshikh. Boxing analyst Tim Bradley believes this decision could be a misstep on Stevenson’s part, as the offer from Top Rank would have guaranteed him $3 million per fight over five matches.

Bradley suggests that Stevenson’s hopes of striking a deal with Alalshikh may stem from a desire to showcase his skills without the pressure of entertaining fans or adjusting his style to suit the demands of the professional boxing world. However, Bradley highlights the importance of marketability in the sport, emphasizing that fighters like Stevenson need to draw crowds and generate excitement to command higher payouts.

While Stevenson may have his sights set on a potential showdown with Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis through PBC, Bradley cautions that such a matchup might not materialize if Davis opts to avoid a defensive-minded fighter like Stevenson. Bradley notes that Stevenson’s lackluster performance against Artem Harutyunyan could diminish his appeal to promoters looking for dynamic and engaging fighters.

Ultimately, Bradley believes that Stevenson may need to reassess his approach to negotiating deals and consider the long-term implications of his choices. While Stevenson may harbor aspirations of securing a more lucrative arrangement, Bradley cautions that his marketability and ability to draw fans will significantly influence his earning potential in the competitive world of professional boxing.

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