Canelo Alvarez vs. William Scull Purse Bids Set for June 6th

Canelo Alvarez vs. William Scull Purse Bids Set for June 6th

The upcoming purse bid for Canelo Alvarez’s IBF mandatory defense against William Scull has been generating buzz in the boxing world. Despite Scull’s relatively unknown status and lackluster record, the IBF has chosen him as Canelo’s next challenger, much to the surprise and disappointment of fans.

Many had hoped to see Canelo face off against more established contenders like Edgar Berlanga, whose name holds more weight in the boxing community. Some even suggest that Canelo should consider relinquishing some of his titles to avoid being tied down to mandatory defenses against lackluster opponents.

Canelo’s popularity and skill have elevated him to a status where titles are no longer necessary to validate his abilities. Holding onto multiple belts may become more of a burden than a benefit for the Mexican superstar.

As the purse bid approaches, the boxing world eagerly awaits to see if Canelo will actually defend his IBF title against Scull, or if he will choose to move on to more challenging and meaningful opponents. The landscape of the super middleweight division could shift significantly depending on Canelo’s decisions in the coming weeks.

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