Carlos Adames Warns Crawford About “Dangerous” Move to Super Middleweight for Canelo Fight

Carlos Adames Warns Crawford About “Dangerous” Move to Super Middleweight for Canelo Fight

WBC middleweight champion Carlos Adames has concerns about Terence Crawford’s potential move up to 168 to challenge Canelo Alvarez for his super middleweight titles. Adames believes it could be risky for Crawford’s life to face such a powerful opponent at a higher weight class.

It’s speculated that Crawford might adopt a cautious strategy similar to Mayweather’s style, aiming to box Canelo from the outside, utilizing jabs, movement, and clinching to avoid Canelo’s devastating counterpunches. Crawford’s lack of size, power, and durability compared to super middleweights could result in a less exciting fight, potentially leaving fans disappointed after paying for the PPV event.

Adames questions the necessity of the Canelo fight for Crawford, pointing out that the Nebraskan boxer has never competed at 154, 160, or 168 before. With an upcoming match against WBC junior middleweight champion Israil Madrimov, Crawford’s sudden leap to 168 without acclimating himself to the division could be premature.

The decision for Crawford to pursue a fight with Canelo at super middleweight seems driven by financial incentives rather than sporting merit. While Crawford stands to earn a substantial sum and could use the weight disparity as an excuse in case of defeat, it appears to be a lose-lose situation for Canelo. The potential bout could damage Canelo’s reputation if he struggles against a smaller opponent like Crawford.

Adames, emphasizing the risks involved, advises against Crawford venturing into such a weight class, citing concerns for both his fight record and his safety. As Adames gears up to defend his WBC middleweight title, he highlights the upcoming bout against Terrell Gausha on the Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis vs. Frank Martin fight card.

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