Daniel Jacobs returns against Shane Mosley Jr on July 6

Daniel Jacobs returns against Shane Mosley Jr on July 6

Daniel Jacobs, the former middleweight champion, is stepping back into the ring after a hiatus of over two years. This time, he will be facing Shane Mosley Jr on the undercard of the highly anticipated Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal boxing rematch on July 6.

The upcoming fight is scheduled for 10 rounds in the super middleweight division. Jacobs, now 37 years old, has had a less than stellar record in recent years. His last bout in 2022 ended in a controversial loss to John Ryder, and his victory over Gabriel Rosado in 2020 was met with skepticism. Since his defeat to Canelo Alvarez in 2019, Jacobs has been out of the ring, except for a match against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, who quit after five rounds.

With a record of 37-4, Jacobs may be aiming for a comeback in the 168 lbs weight class, or perhaps he is simply looking to capitalize on a lucrative opportunity. Regardless, his determination seems evident as he prepares for the upcoming fight.

Meanwhile, Mosley Jr (21-4, 12 KO) has had a challenging journey as a second-generation fighter. Despite a limited amateur career and early setbacks in his professional career, Mosley Jr has displayed resilience and a strong desire to succeed. Currently on a four-fight winning streak, he is not likely to make things easy for Jacobs.

Both fighters are gearing up for an intense battle, with Jacobs expressing his eagerness to showcase his skills and Mosley Jr ready to prove his mettle in the ring. The outcome of this match remains uncertain, adding to the anticipation surrounding this event.

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