DAZN and WBC announce content partnership

DAZN and WBC announce content partnership

DAZN and the World Boxing Council (WBC) sanctioning body have announced a content partnership.

The deal will see “exclusive interviews, original documentaries, compelling behind the scenes content and live events (including conventions and rankings updates)” from the WBC added to DAZN’s lineup and library, as of today.

In short, you’ll probably get some smaller shows, which ain’t nothing for the diehard fan but isn’t going to be some needle mover if that’s the case, and then the other stuff, my favorite being vital updates of the WBC’s hilarious rankings.

Both WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman and DAZN Growth Markets CEO Pete Oliver had some nice press release quotes about what an incredible thing this is for the entire world, including Sulaiman saying that every boxer’s story is fit for Hollywood.

The stated goal is to “support, grow, and further popularize the sport of boxing globally,” and at the very least it probably won’t hurt.

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