Elif Nur Turhan is the Gold champion at 130 lbs

Elif Nur Turhan is the Gold champion at 130 lbs

Turkey’s Elif Nur Turhan achieved a significant victory in Germany by claiming the title of the new World Boxing Association super featherweight Gold champion. Facing Argentina’s Iara Altamirano in the ring, Turhan emerged victorious with a unanimous decision.

Turhan, a rising star in the boxing world, demonstrated her skill and determination against Altamirano, who put up a tough fight. Both fighters delivered an exciting performance for the enthusiastic audience in Leverkusen.

Having transitioned from the amateur to professional boxing circuit on May 14, 2022, Turhan has quickly made a name for herself. In her fifth professional bout, she secured the WBF super lightweight belt by defeating former world champion Soledad Matthysse. Subsequently, she continued her winning streak by defeating Kristy Hill to claim another belt on November 28, 2023.

The year 2023 was a busy and successful one for the 29-year-old Turhan, and she kicked off 2024 with a first-round knockout victory over Colombian Yolis Marrugo Franco in Albania. With her latest win over Altamirano, Turhan now boasts a record of 8 wins, including 4 quick knockouts, and remains undefeated, proudly sporting the black and gold Gold belt.

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