Ford vs. Ball: “I Can Beat Him Up In The Pocket”, says Ford

Ford vs. Ball: “I Can Beat Him Up In The Pocket”, says Ford

WBA featherweight champion Raymond Ford is gearing up to face challenger Nick Ball in the upcoming 5V5 event on June 1st, taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and broadcast live on DAZN PPV. Ford, hailing from Camden, New Jersey, is confident in his abilities and predicts a knockout victory over the undefeated Ball, expressing his desire to entertain the fans with an impressive performance.

Not one to be rattled by Ball’s reputation, Ford emphasizes that he will not allow himself to be bullied like his previous opponent, Rey Vargas, who he faced in his last fight in Saudi Arabia. Disputing a questionable call by the referee that resulted in a draw, Ford is determined to showcase his skills against Ball with the hopes of a fair fight this time around.

Reflecting on his past fight against Otabek Kholmatov in New York, where a controversial stoppage led to a knockout in Ford’s favor, he acknowledges the odd circumstances but remains focused on the future. Confident in his abilities, Ford asserts that he is a superior boxer compared to Vargas and is ready to go toe-to-toe with Ball, displaying his full range of talents.

Anticipating a tough match against Ball, Ford is prepared for any scenario and is eager to demonstrate his prowess in the ring. Ball, on the other hand, remains confident in his own skills and strategy, hinting at a surprise tactic to secure a victory against Ford. With both fighters poised for an electrifying showdown, fans can expect an intense battle between two skilled competitors.

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