Gvozdyk Warns Fury: Usyk Will Be Better in Rematch

Gvozdyk Warns Fury: Usyk Will Be Better in Rematch

The upcoming rematch between former WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and undisputed champ Oleksandr Usyk on December 21st in Riyadh has former light heavyweight champion Oleksandr Gzvozyk concerned. Gzvozyk warns Fury that Usyk will be in top shape for the fight, possibly even better than their previous encounter.

Gzvozyk is worried about Fury’s psychological struggles, particularly after seeing a video of him being carried out of a bar in a drunken state. This behavior could indicate that Fury is having difficulty accepting his loss to Usyk in their last fight.

Despite Fury’s claims that he barely lost the fight and was saved by the referee, Gzvozyk believes that Fury’s age and physical decline are major concerns. Fury’s stationary performance in their previous fight, leaning against the ropes for support, suggests that age might be catching up with him.

Gzvozyk emphasized the importance of Fury being in top shape for the rematch, as Usyk is expected to be even better prepared. The outcome of the fight will largely depend on Fury’s ability to handle the pressure and avoid distractions such as drugs and alcohol.

In Gzvozyk’s view, Fury’s age is a significant factor contributing to his physical decline, making it unlikely for him to improve significantly for the rematch. Despite efforts to trim down, Fury’s body may not respond as well due to his advanced age, posing a challenge in facing a younger and in-form opponent like Usyk.

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