Inoue and Serrano honored in New York City

Inoue and Serrano honored in New York City

The prestigious Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) gathered for its annual awards extravaganza in the bustling city of New York. The event welcomed special guest Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, the president of the World Boxing Association, who added to the glamor of the evening.

The spotlight shone on Naoya Inoue and Amanda Serrano, the stars of the night. Inoue was crowned as the best of the year for achieving the title of undisputed super bantamweight champion in 2023, while Serrano was lauded for her exceptional performances and contributions to women’s boxing with her impressive 12-round 3-minute bouts.

Thrilling matchups were also celebrated, with Jaime Munguía vs Sergey Derevyachenko taking home the title of fight of the year, and Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron recognized as the top women’s bout. Brian Mcintyre was honored as coach of the year, and Bill Haney was acknowledged as the best representative of 2023 for the BWAA.

The event also paid tribute to other notable figures in the boxing world, such as writer Thomas Hauser, photographer Ed Mulholland, and former boxer turned analyst Tim Bradley. It was a night to remember, honoring the best and brightest in the sport of boxing.

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