Jake Paul’s next opponent set for March 2 return

Jake Paul’s next opponent set for March 2 return

Jake Paul has his opponent set for his March 2 return, as the social media star will face club fighter Ryan Bourland in Puerto Rico.

Paul vs Borland will serve as the evening’s chief support bout under Amanda Serrano’s main event, a unified featherweight title defense against Nina Meinke.

Bourland, who is 35, fits the general bill for Jake Paul opposition choices. He’s a little small based on the fact that he’s usually fought at or around 175 lbs, and on paper he presents no real threat, same as Andre August in Paul’s last bout on Dec. 15 in Florida.

Bourland has a 17-2 (6 KO) pro record, but he’s never fought above a small club level. He’s also fought just once since 2018, and that was in Sept. 2022.

In some ways, yes, it’s the sort of opponent a novice like Paul (8-1, 5 KO) should be fighting, but the amount of attention Paul receives is out-sized compared to a standard “prospect vs some guy” matchup, and that will lead to the inevitable criticism. And it should also be said, so we’re saying it, and just as a fact, that hyping Bourland as a dangerous opponent or someone to celebrate beating is smoke and mirrors promotional stuff.

“The goal is simple, build the skillset to become world champion,” Paul said on social media. “Next up is a guy who has twice as many professional fights under his belt than I do: Ryan ‘The Rhino’ Bourland. And just like the animal in his bone chilling nickname, he is also endangered.”

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