Keyshawn Davis Questions Andy Cruz: “Why Is the Gold Medalist Chasing?”

Keyshawn Davis Questions Andy Cruz: “Why Is the Gold Medalist Chasing?”

Lightweight contender Keyshawn Davis jokingly says he’s still waiting on the contract to be sent by 2020 Olympic gold medalist Andy Cruz’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, for a fight between them to take place.

The Contract That Wasn’t

Hearn had said he would immediately send a contract to Keyshawn if Cruz (3-0, 1 KO) was victorious in his fight last Saturday night against Brayan Zamarripa in Orlando, Florida.

Cruz easily won the fight by a 10-round unanimous decision, but it seems that Hearn didn’t send the contract to Keyshawn (10-0, 7 KOs). The talented Cuban Andy Cruz has already beaten Davis four times in the amateurs, dominating him in every fights.

Hearn said that Keyshawn would never beat Cruz, no matter how many times they fight, but he still wanted to see the two

Hearn obviously understood that sending a contract to the 24-year-old Top Rank-promoted Davis would be a waste of time because he’d shown no interest in fighting him and had deleted a Tweet in which he had told Eddie to send the contract.

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The deleting of the Tweet was pretty incriminating by Keyshawn, showing that he had zero interest in fighting Cruz.

Waiting on the Contract

“I’m still trying to figure out. Number one, I’m still waiting on this contract. I’m going to put that out there,” said Keyshawn Davis on social media, talking about the contract that promoter Eddie Hearn had said he would send immediately following lightweight Andy Cruz’s win over Brayan Zamarripa last Saturday night.

“I’m trying to figure out how the [2020 Olympic] gold medalist [Cruz] is chasing after the silver medalist [Keyshawn]. Make it make sense. Why is the gold medalist chasing after the silver medalist? What is going on here?” Keyshawn continued.

Questioning Cruz’s Motives

“Tell me why is the gold medalist. you already beat me four times in the amateurs and all that s***. Why is you chasing after someone you beat four times already? Make it make sense. Never in boxing history has a gold medalist chased after a silver medalist. Oh man, that’s all I got to say,” said Davis.

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Cruz is chasing Keyshawn because he’s been pro longer, is better known, and he knows he can easily beat him. Adding Keyshawn’s scalp to his resume will increase Cruz’s popularity, and it’ll be a good move to get pushed up the rankings.

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