Las Vegas atmosphere is heating up for Davis vs Martin

Las Vegas atmosphere is heating up for Davis vs Martin

The highly anticipated World Boxing Association (WBA) lightweight title fight between Gervonta Davis and Frank Martin took center stage this past Saturday at the glamorous MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The official kick-off event for the fight happened yesterday, where both fighters made their grand entrance at the hotel amidst a crowd of enthusiastic supporters.

Hundreds of fans lined the lobby and surrounding areas of the MGM Grand to welcome the boxing stars of the week. Despite Gervonta Davis being fashionably late, his team, led by trainer Calvin Ford, assured everyone that the WBA champion would soon make his presence felt in the fight.

On the other side, Frank Martin arrived alongside Derrick James, engaging with the media and fans before taking some time to recharge and finalize his preparations for the fight.

The event also saw the presence of other fighters like David Benavidez, Oleksandr Gvozdyk, Elijah Garcia, Kyrone Davis, Mark Magasayo, and Eduardo Ramirez who will be competing in various title fights throughout the weekend.

Stay tuned for the upcoming press conferences and public training sessions in Las Vegas leading up to the main event.

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