Lemos signs with Top Rank

Lemos signs with Top Rank

Argentinian batter Gustavo Lemos has recently inked a “lengthy promotional agreement” with Top Rank, who will now be promoting his fights alongside O.R. Promotions.

In response to the news, Lemos expressed his gratitude towards his promoters at O.R. Promotions for initiating talks with Top Rank. He acknowledged that his patience and hard work have finally paid off, allowing him to step into the big leagues and fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a world champion. Lemos is determined to make the most of this opportunity and is highly motivated to give his best in training every day, thanks to the trust placed in him by Top Rank. He eagerly anticipates what the future holds for him.

Despite encountering setbacks in his career, such as the controversial loss in 2024, Lemos (29-1, 19 KO) remains a crowd favorite. His impressive performance against Richardson Hitchins and his potential to compete in both the 135 and 140-pound weight classes have caught the attention of boxing legend Bob Arum. Arum believes that Lemos is a formidable opponent for any fighter in those weight classes, and speculates that Lemos may alternate between them in his future matches.

Overall, Lemos’ partnership with Top Rank opens up new possibilities for his career, and fans can expect to see him excel in the ring with the support of his new promotional team.

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