Matias Vows Knockout in Paro Rematch

Matias Vows Knockout in Paro Rematch

Subriel Matias has his eyes set on a rematch with Liam Paro, vowing to knock him out if given another chance after losing his IBF light welterweight title to the Australian. Should Matias get the opportunity to face Paro again, it will likely take place in Australia, where he will need to find a way to counteract Paro’s excessive holding tactics.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has a plan to rebuild Matias through one fight before aiming for a shot at a world title. While Hearn didn’t specify the opponent, it could be either Paro if he still holds the IBF title or WBC champion Devin Haney. However, Hearn seemed uncertain about the possibility of Matias facing Paro again, suggesting that Matias may need to move up to 147 pounds.

Matias’s struggle with Paro’s style was evident in their previous encounter, with Paro’s combination punching, movement, and strategic holding proving to be effective. The referee docked a point from Paro for a rabbit punch in the seventh round, but Matias struggled to find his rhythm against Paro’s tactics. While some fighters might excel against Paro’s style, such as Ryan Garcia, Matias found it challenging to fight at close range and failed to capitalize on Paro’s holding.

Despite the setbacks, Matias remains confident in his abilities, expressing his willingness to face Paro again and seeking redemption. Hearn also believes in Matias’s potential for a comeback, envisioning him becoming a two-time champion with proper rebuilding and preparation. Ultimately, Matias’s journey back to the top will require strategic planning and determination to overcome past failures and secure another shot at championship glory.

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