Niyomtrong-Dusmatov Purse bid on hold 

Niyomtrong-Dusmatov Purse bid on hold 

The highly anticipated World Boxing Association (WBA) minimumweight world championship bout between Thammanoon Niyomtrong and Hasanboy Dusmatov has been canceled. Dusmatov, the Uzbek challenger, requested a leave of absence to compete in the Olympic Games in Paris, prompting the WBA to approve the postponement.

After reviewing Dusmatov’s formal request, the Championships Committee deemed it important to allow him to participate in the prestigious event. Niyomtrong’s team also agreed to the postponement and requested a voluntary defense, which was granted by the WBA.

Moving forward, the WBA will review potential opponents for the 105-pound champion Niyomtrong and will order the mandatory bout once both fighters are available to compete. Stay tuned for updates on when this exciting matchup will take place.

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