Niyomtrong-Dusmatov purse bid scheduled for May 27th

Niyomtrong-Dusmatov purse bid scheduled for May 27th

The upcoming battle for the World Boxing Association (WBA) minimum world super championship is set to take place between current champion Thamannon Niyomtrong and mandatory challenger Hasanboy Dusmatov, with the organization’s Championships Committee scheduling an auction for Monday, May 27th.

Both teams have been informed of the auction and all the necessary details through an official press release from the WBA. The auction will be overseen by committee director Carlos Chavez and will be held virtually via zoom at 11:00 a.m. Houston time.

In line with tradition, the split of the prize money will be 75% for the champion and 25% for the challenger, with a minimum bid of US $80,000.00 required to secure the rights to the fight.

Once the auction is concluded, the winner and further details regarding the process will be announced through the WBA’s official communication channels.

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