Okolie demolishes Rozanski in opening round

Okolie demolishes Rozanski in opening round

Lawrence Okolie has once again claimed a “world title” after defeating WBC “bridgerweight” champion Lukasz Rozanski with three knockdowns leading to a first-round victory.

Okolie, with a record of 20-1 and 15 KO, knocked Rozanski (15-1, 14 KO) down with his famous straight right in under two minutes. Another combination secured the second knockdown, and a powerful uppercut against the ropes sealed the deal.

It’s hard to determine if Okolie has returned to his peak form after his previous loss to Chris Billam-Smith in the same time frame, but his impressive display of power is undeniable. Hopefully, he will now seek more challenging opponents in a different weight class.

On the other hand, Rozanski’s victory against Alen Babjc proved to be inadequate preparation for the international level.

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