‘On this level there is no easy fights’: Bivol says he’s treating Zinad as serious threat

‘On this level there is no easy fights’: Bivol says he’s treating Zinad as serious threat

Light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol is facing Malik Zinad this weekend instead of Artur Beterbiev, which has left many fans disappointed. However, Bivol has embraced the need to adapt in the face of change. He is now fully focused on defeating Zinad, whom he respects as a worthy opponent, even if he may not be well-known to the general audience. Here are some highlights of what Bivol had to say:

Bivol on dealing with a last-minute opponent change and not dwelling on the undisputed title ambitions:
“In life, things move quickly, and to succeed, we must be able to adapt fast. I now have Zinad as my opponent, and I must concentrate on this challenge. I don’t want to talk about undisputed fights right now. I need to be the best version of myself against a hungry and undefeated fighter like Zinad.”

On adjusting his training camp for Zinad instead of Beterbiev:
“It wasn’t too difficult to switch things up in my camp. We made some adjustments with sparring partners and fight strategy, but the basics remain the same. Every opponent requires a unique approach, but the fundamentals of preparation are constant.”

Addressing the perception that Zinad will be an easy opponent:
“People might assume it will be an easy win for me, but at this level, there are no easy fights. Zinad may not be a familiar name to many, but boxers know his capabilities and credentials. I must stay focused and give him the respect he deserves.”

Reflecting on David Benavidez’s confidence in beating him based on past sparring:
“I have a lot of respect for Benavidez and his ambition to face tough opponents like me and Beterbiev. Sparring is a learning experience where both sides have their moments. But in a real fight, strategies change, and adaptability is key. Sparring is a crucial part of training, but the fight is a different ball game.”

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