‘Rabbit is good animal’: Oleksandr Usyk unaffected by taunts of Tyson Fury

‘Rabbit is good animal’: Oleksandr Usyk unaffected by taunts of Tyson Fury

The undisputed heavyweight champion, Oleksandr Usyk, is gearing up to face Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia this Saturday in a quest to secure the last Infinity Stone. Today, he shared his thoughts with the media on various aspects of the upcoming fight. Here are some notable excerpts from Usyk’s statements:

When asked about Fury’s performance against Ngannou, Usyk nonchalantly remarked, “For me, it doesn’t matter because Tyson will be different with me.”

On Fury’s strengths in the ring and his biggest concerns, Usyk chuckled and simply responded, “[Chuckles]. Nothing. Speak. Talk to speak.”

Despite Fury’s taunts labeling him as a rabbit and a middleweight, Usyk remained unfazed, stating, “Rabbit is a good animal. For me, it doesn’t matter. It’s not a concern for me.”

Regarding expectations for the fight compared to his previous bout with Anthony Joshua, Usyk emphasized the differences between the two opponents, stating, “Tyson Fury is a different guy. We’ll see Saturday.”

Usyk revealed that he expects his weight for this fight to remain around 221 lbs, possibly slightly more.

When asked if a victory over Fury would solidify his status as the greatest Ukrainian boxer, Usyk humbly replied, “No, I will just be a second-time undisputed world champion.”

Reflecting on his career, Usyk expressed that his biggest win is yet to come and will happen when his soul is delivered to paradise.

Looking ahead, Usyk hinted at a potential continuation of his career for another two to three years.

When questioned about his motivation to keep fighting, Usyk shared that his discipline, family, fans, and the support of Ukrainian soldiers serve as his driving forces. He expressed gratitude for the support he receives from his fans and the impact his actions have on children who look up to him.

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