Riyadh Season: Queensberry defeated Matchroom in 5vs5

Riyadh Season: Queensberry defeated Matchroom in 5vs5

The highly anticipated 5vs5 face-off between the Queensberry and Matchroom squads unfolded this weekend at the impressive Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The showdown culminated in a resounding triumph for the Queensberry team in a riveting event featuring thrilling matches.

The opening bout saw Willy Hutchinson clinch a unanimous decision victory over Craig Richards, setting the tone for Queensberry’s dominance. Hamzah Sheeraz followed suit by delivering a knockout blow to Austin Williams in the next fight, further solidifying Queensberry’s lead in the light heavyweight division.

Nick Ball then claimed the WBA featherweight title from Raymond Ford, extending his team’s advantage. The fourth bout witnessed Daniel Dubois securing a technical knockout win against Filip Hrgovic, showcasing a stellar performance by the English heavyweight.

The final showdown between Zhilei Zhang of China and the formidable Deontay Wilder culminated in a breathtaking knockout victory for Zhang over Wilder, sealing Queensberry’s victory in spectacular fashion.

The event garnered widespread acclaim and provided fans with exhilarating matches, thanks to the Riyadh Season’s unwavering commitment. The event was organized under the guidance of Turki Alalshikh, the chairman of the General Entertainment Authority and Royal Advisor to the Saudi Arabian Court, marking another successful initiative in the realm of sports entertainment.

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