Rogelio Espiño returns to bring more champions to Panama

Rogelio Espiño returns to bring more champions to Panama

Creating a world boxing champion is not as complicated as it may seem. All it takes are two key ingredients: a talented fighter with discipline and a skilled manager or promoter to guide their career.

In Panama, Jose Rogelio Espiño stands out as a master at fulfilling this essential role. Over the past two decades, he has been a key ally to the World Boxing Association (WBA), playing a significant role in the success of Panamanian fighters.

Espiño has played a crucial role in shaping and supporting some of the country’s most prominent boxing champions in recent years. Fighters like Vicente ‘El Loco’ Mosquera, Celestino ‘Pelenchín’ Caballero, and Anselmo ‘Chemito’ Moreno have all benefited from his guidance on their path to becoming WBA champions.

After a hiatus of four years, mainly due to the pandemic, Espiño and his promoter company, Promociones y Eventos del Istmo, have returned to the boxing scene with a mission to help Panamanian boxing reach new heights. Their goal is to bring a world champion back to Panama as quickly as possible.

Their recent event on June 20 showcased promising talent, with fighters like Leroy ‘El Sensacional’ Estrada and Hernan Alarcon impressing the audience. Espiño expressed his satisfaction with the event and outlined his goals for the future, emphasizing the importance of developing young talent and nurturing experienced fighters towards world title opportunities.

As a multiple award-winning Promoter of the Year in Panama, Espiño also called on the incoming leaders of Panama to recognize the potential of boxing as a sport that has produced remarkable results and iconic figures in the past. By supporting the sport, they can help pave the way for future champions and continued success in Panamanian boxing.

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