Ryan Garcia Arrested for Felony Vandalism at Beverly Hills Hotel

Ryan Garcia Arrested for Felony Vandalism at Beverly Hills Hotel

Ryan Garcia was taken into custody on Saturday afternoon on suspicion of causing damage to a hotel in the upscale Beverly Hills area of California. Reports indicate that the 25-year-old boxer was arrested for felony vandalism at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills.

According to TMZ, Ryan was seen being escorted out of the hotel in handcuffs by police officers. Allegedly, Ryan is accused of causing significant damage to a room and hallways, totaling over $400, which constitutes a felony in California.

The reason behind Ryan’s actions at the hotel remains unclear. In footage captured at the scene, Ryan is shown wearing a helmet, concealing his identity. However, his distinctive tattoos are visible as he is led away by law enforcement.

Reports suggest that Ryan, with a boxing record of 25-1 with 20 knockouts, appeared to be under the influence of substances during the incident. Despite this, he cooperated with authorities and was peacefully taken into custody without resistance. It is possible that Ryan could also face charges of public intoxication.

Following his recent victory over Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia’s reputation has been tainted by allegations of performance-enhancing drug use. It is uncertain how these legal troubles will affect his career moving forward, especially considering the pending decision from the New York Commission regarding the PED incident. A potential suspension could keep Ryan out of the ring for an extended period, impacting both his career and his rising popularity in the boxing world.

Additionally, Ryan’s personal life has been under strain, with reports indicating that his mother is facing health challenges, adding to the stress he is currently experiencing. The combination of legal issues, health concerns, and career uncertainties paint a complicated picture for the young boxer’s future.

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