Ryan Garcia Wants Tank Davis Rematch, But Lomachenko Looms

Ryan Garcia Wants Tank Davis Rematch, But Lomachenko Looms

Last Saturday night, Ryan Garcia made a bold statement by wearing a shirt that read, “Rematch me, b***,” directed at Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis. The ‘Face of Boxing’ made it clear that he wants another chance to face him in the ring, showcasing his determination.

Tank Davis, after his victory against Frank Martin, mentioned Ryan as a potential opponent for his next fight, alongside Vasily Lomachenko and Shakur Stevenson. It is speculated that Tank will choose between Ryan and IBF lightweight champion Lomachenko for his next bout.

Garcia’s assertive approach was evident as he stepped onto the ring apron following Tank Davis’ win, demonstrating his eagerness for a rematch. Despite some viewing his actions as desperate, Ryan’s massive following on social media and ability to draw pay-per-view buyers make him a lucrative option for Tank.

Tank’s reaction to the mention of Shakur Stevenson indicated that he is unlikely to face him in the near future, suggesting that a match-up with Lomachenko could be on the horizon. However, given Lomachenko’s age, a fight between him and Tank needs to happen soon for it to be considered a significant victory.

Tank Davis expressed confidence in dismissing the idea of a rematch with Ryan Garcia, claiming that he would defeat him once again. However, overlooking Garcia could be a mistake, as his recent behavior and distractions from training might affect his performance in the ring.

Despite the hype surrounding a potential rematch between Tank and Ryan, it remains to be seen if the fight will materialize. Both fighters have their own unique strengths and challenges to overcome before a possible showdown can take place.

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