Ryan Garcia’s B-sample also positive, legal team releases statement

Ryan Garcia’s B-sample also positive, legal team releases statement

In a shocking turn of events, Ryan Garcia’s claims of innocence have been further discredited as it was revealed by Dan Rafael that his B-sample from his recent victory over Devin Haney also tested positive for the banned substance ostarine.

Despite this damning evidence, Garcia responded in his typical graceful and eloquent manner. The New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) has yet to schedule a hearing to determine his punishment, but it is likely that his victory will be overturned to a no contest and Garcia will face a lengthy suspension unless he can prove accidental ingestion.

Speculation on the length of the suspension is difficult, but for reference, Edgar Berlanga received a six-month suspension for biting. The situation surrounding Garcia’s positive test has been thoroughly analyzed, and his refusal to take responsibility for his actions makes it hard to believe in his innocence.

In response to the accusations, Ryan Garcia’s legal team released a statement claiming his commitment to clean competition. They mentioned that Garcia voluntarily had his hair tested, showing consistent negative results in the past. They believe that he was a victim of supplement contamination and are in the process of testing his supplements to determine the exact source of the ostarine contamination.

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