Sheeraz Wants Chris Eubank Jr. Next After Ammo Williams Victory

Sheeraz Wants Chris Eubank Jr. Next After Ammo Williams Victory

After his impressive eleventh-round knockout victory over Austin ‘Ammo’ Williams in a WBC middleweight title eliminator last weekend in Riyadh, Hamzah Sheeraz is eyeing a showdown with Chris Eubank Jr. at the domestic level next in September.

It’s a bit puzzling why Sheeraz, with a record of 20-0, is choosing to face the inactive Eubank Jr., who is 34 years old and has a record of 33-3, instead of aiming higher for a shot at world champions like Carlos Adames.

Maybe the tough first-round encounter with Ammo Williams, who wobbled Sheeraz a couple of times during their fight, made Sheeraz realize that he might not be ready for the elite level just yet. Facing the likes of Adames or Janibek Alimkhanuly could be a risky move based on his vulnerability shown in the fight against Ammo.

Therefore, a matchup with Eubank Jr. seems like a safer choice for Sheeraz and could potentially be a lucrative payday, especially if the fight gets made for Riyadh. Eubank Jr., coming off a recent knockout loss to Liam Smith, provides a more manageable challenge compared to facing the top talents at 160 pounds.

Following his victory over Ammo Williams, Sheeraz acknowledged the tough fight and admitted underestimating his opponent’s strength and power. Despite getting hurt, Sheeraz managed to regroup and execute the game plan from his corner to secure the win.

Looking ahead to potential future matchups, Sheeraz expressed his desire to face Eubank Jr., calling him out for a fight in September. He sees this bout as a step up and a chance to prove himself against a well-known name in the sport.

In conclusion, Sheeraz’s decision to pursue a fight with Eubank Jr. after his win over Ammo Williams demonstrates his willingness to test himself against different styles and challenges as he continues to climb the ranks in the middleweight division.

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