Shields to face heavyweight champion Lepage-Joanisse on July 27

Shields to face heavyweight champion Lepage-Joanisse on July 27

Claressa Shields, a multi-division champion, is gearing up to take on a new challenge in the boxing world. She is set to face WBC heavyweight champion Vanessa Lepage-Joanisse in a highly anticipated match scheduled for July 27th in Detroit.

Lepage-Joanisse recently claimed the title by defeating Abril Argentina Vidal and Salita Promotions has confirmed that the belt will be on the line for this bout. However, there seems to be some confusion as both DAZN and Shields have indicated that the fight will take place at light heavyweight. Lepage-Joanisse’s previous weight of 173.25 pounds suggests that this decision makes sense, but the details regarding the championship hardware remain unclear.

The women’s talent pool above 168 pounds is limited, with only a handful of fighters in the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions. Lepage-Joanisse currently holds the top spot among the heavyweights on BoxRec, but her competition record doesn’t boast any significant victories apart from a loss to Alejandra Jimenez in 2017.

As for Shields, her options for meaningful opponents seem limited. She could face smaller fighters like Alycia Baumgardner, rematch with Franchon Crews-Dezurn, or continue in other combat sports like MMA. An MMA rematch with Savannah Marshall, who is making her cage debut soon, could be a compelling matchup.

Despite the lack of clear contenders, Shields remains determined to make her mark in boxing. She is excited to return to the ring after her recent MMA victory and is looking forward to showcasing her skills in front of a global audience. Shields is eager to add another championship to her collection and continue to elevate women’s boxing on a global scale.

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