Subriel Matias: The Underrated Champion Poised to Break Through

Subriel Matias: The Underrated Champion Poised to Break Through

Could Subriel Matias be the next big star in boxing? Despite being the IBF light welterweight champion, he remains relatively unknown compared to other fighters in his division. Paulie Malignaggi has criticized the promotion of Matias, stating that his potential has been overlooked. Matias’ power and fighting style make him a dangerous opponent, which may be why top fighters avoid facing him.

Matias has been in the game for nine years, yet he is not as well-known as newer fighters like Devin Haney and Teofimo Lopez. Despite his potential to be a top contender in the 140-pound division, Matias struggles to secure fights with big names. However, his recent victory over Shohjahon Ergashev showcased his talent and power, sending a clear message to the boxing world.

Experts believe that the wealth of talent in the division may be why Matias is overlooked. Fighters like Haney and Lopez have established themselves as big names, leaving little room for Matias to shine. Despite this, Matias remains a dangerous and capable fighter, deserving of a shot at the top contenders.

While Matias may not be a household name, his title holds weight and provides him with leverage to secure fights with top fighters. As he prepares to defend his title against Liam Paro, Matias continues to prove himself as a formidable force in the ring. With the right opportunities, Matias has the potential to rise to the top of the light welterweight division.

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