‘This is retirement for him’: Kambosos expects to end Lomachenko’s career with KO

‘This is retirement for him’: Kambosos expects to end Lomachenko’s career with KO

During yesterday’s final press conference for this weekend’s fight between Vasiliy Lomachenko and George Kambosos in Perth, both fighters appeared on stage to discuss the fight. Kambosos made some bold proclamations about putting an end to Lomachenko’s career, while Loma was much more reserved in what he had to say. Check out some excerpts below with the full video in the link above.

Kambosos on how he views his fight with Lomachenko

“I think you’ve seen me extremely outspoken, Lou as well. I’m not going to sit here and create a big fuss and carry on. Lomachenko, you can’t fault the guy when it comes to who he is as a person and the fighter he is but I’m extremely confident. I bring that confidence from my preparation. I’ve had a tremendous training camp.

“When I beat Lomachenko there will be no more road for him to go, so this is retirement for him.”

Kambosos on expecting a knockout over Lomachenko

“I truly believe it, the way I’m sparring, the way I’m firing in every engine, the speed that I have — he’s never seen this kind of speed, the explosive power and the will, the heart I have, the desire I have to win this fight. I’ve prepared extremely hard for this fight and I’ve left no stone unturned, so Sunday you will see.”

Lomachenko on Kambosos calling a knockout and subsequent retirement of him

“I heard this not first time. But, you know, for me it’s not a surprise and see what happens Sunday at 12. See you in the ring.”

Lomachenko on what advantages he has over Kambosos

“Look, I’m too long in this sport and we are two professionals and we know boxing, we know strategy of boxing, and it will be very, very interesting for both. It will be very, very interesting for all fans of boxing, and good luck for both.”

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