Was Gvozdyk Taking It Easy on Benavidez? Fans React to Controversial Decision

Was Gvozdyk Taking It Easy on Benavidez? Fans React to Controversial Decision

Social media fans strongly believe that Oleksandr Gvozdyk went easy on David Benavidez during their recent clash for the WBC interim light heavyweight title at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. Gvozdyk’s effortless display of superior boxing skills from the sixth round onwards left Benavidez, often touted as the ‘Mexican Monster,’ looking outmatched.

Many fans feel that Gvozdyk didn’t exert his full effort because the fight seemed too easy for him against a lackluster Benavidez. Despite any past sparring success Benavidez may have had against Gvozdyk, it did not translate into a good showing in the actual fight. The judges’ scorecards reflected Gvozdyk’s dominance, with scores of 116-112, 117-111, and 119-109 in his favor.

After re-watching the fight, it was evident that Gvozdyk controlled the rounds decisively from the seventh to the twelfth, showcasing superior boxing skills and making Benavidez miss with his wild punches. Despite the unanimous decision in Benavidez’s favor, many fans consider it a hollow victory due to his lackluster performance and post-fight excuses about being injured.

There is now a call for Benavidez to return to the 168-pound division, where his attributes like size, power, and work rate can shine more brightly. Moving back down could be beneficial for him as he struggled against the power of light heavyweights like Gvozdyk, who displayed better punching power even without going all out.

Benavidez’s deficiencies at light heavyweight were glaring in the fight, with doubts about his ability to compete against top fighters in the division. If he continues at 175 pounds, facing champions like Beterbiev and Bivol may further expose his weaknesses in power, skills, and size, leading to a considerable dent in his popularity and reputation.

Given his lackluster showing, it’s uncertain if Benavidez can hold his own against top light heavyweights like Beterbiev, Bivol, Yarde, or Hutchinson, emphasizing the need for a strategic decision regarding his future in the sport.

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