WBA Gold Champion Supports Blood Donation Activity

WBA Gold Champion Supports Blood Donation Activity

On Tuesday, May 7th in Madrid, Spain, Jennifer Miranda, the World Boxing Association (WBA) Gold Featherweight Champion, took initiative to organize a boxing class in collaboration with The Boxer Club, the Community of Madrid, and the Hospital Universitario La Paz to promote blood donation.

Despite being in the United States, Miranda managed to coordinate the event from a distance, stating, “Individually we are strong, but together we are unstoppable. That’s why I brought together as many boxers as possible to donate blood, because life becomes beautiful when you realize that success is meant to be shared with others. I believe my purpose in this life is to assist through the power of boxing. Boxing chose me, and I showcase it to the world.”

The boxing class targeted a group of young students who actively encouraged bystanders to donate blood and raise awareness about its significance.

Javier Pardo took charge of the training session and expressed his satisfaction with the event. “Today has been incredibly positive for us, witnessing how boxing can merge with social causes, such as blood donation. Each donation saves three lives, so advocating for physical activity, supporting such causes, and meeting individuals so dedicated to their passion is truly heartening.”

Sergio Pérez, the director of The Boxer Club, played a crucial role alongside the Community of Madrid in bringing the class to fruition. “Our organization is committed to noble causes, and blood donation is at the top of our list. We aim to inspire the public to be empathetic and contribute their share towards this cause.”

Miranda, known for her dedication to social causes, expressed her pride in being associated with the groundbreaking WBA organization. She believes that the WBA and its president, Gilberto Jesús Mendoza, utilize the platform of boxing to aid individuals in achieving their aspirations.

The event proved to be a success, with the young participants enjoying a unique and enjoyable experience, gaining insight into boxing and developing a deeper understanding of the importance of solidarity and blood donation.

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