Wilder’s Weight Disadvantage Could Be Deciding Factor in Zhang Fight

Wilder’s Weight Disadvantage Could Be Deciding Factor in Zhang Fight

Deontay Wilder is set to face Zhilei Zhang on Saturday night in a heavyweight showdown where Wilder will be giving away a staggering 68-pound weight advantage.

Wilder, known for being at a weight deficit in his fights against Tyson Fury, will now have to contend with the 282.8 lb Zhang. This weight gap poses a significant challenge for the ‘Bronze Bomber,’ especially considering Zhang’s knockout power with both hands.

In the heavyweight division, where fighters often have vast differences in weight, the gap between Wilder and Zhang is massive. This discrepancy becomes even more concerning when considering Wilder’s chin and ability to withstand punches.

Although Wilder weighed in at 214.6 lbs, looking more like a Bridgerweight or cruiserweight than a heavyweight, his lighter frame could be a hindrance in the upcoming fight at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

There is pressure on Wilder to perform well against Zhang, with retirement looming if he fails to secure a victory. Promoter Eddie Hearn acknowledges the tough challenge Wilder faces and believes a win would require a minor miracle.

Looking ahead to the fight, Hearn notes that Zhang’s heavy-handedness poses a significant threat, especially considering his performance against Joseph Parker. Zhang appears to be in better shape for the upcoming bout, making the task even more daunting for Wilder.

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