Zhang Predicts Wilder Retirement, Foiling Hearn’s Plans

Zhang Predicts Wilder Retirement, Foiling Hearn’s Plans

Zhilei Zhang has boldly declared that he will thwart promoter Eddie Hearn’s aspirations of signing Deontay Wilder, the ‘Bronze Bomber,’ because he is sure that Wilder will retire after their bout in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this Saturday.

If Wilder manages to defeat Zhang by knockout, it is anticipated that Hearn will offer him a contract and potentially set up a match against Anthony Joshua. This would be an ideal scenario for Wilder if he triumphs over Zhang. However, the possibility of a fourth fight with Tyson Fury remains uncertain.

Former WBC heavyweight champion Wilder has already hinted that he will retire if he loses this fight, highlighting the stakes of the upcoming match. With his punch resistance being questioned, there is speculation as to whether Wilder’s career might come to an end after this bout.

Despite his motivational drive to secure a victory, Wilder’s ability to withstand punches may be his downfall when facing Zhang. The impact of previous knockouts by Fury seems to have affected his confidence, and at 38 years old, Wilder’s once daring attitude seems to have waned.

The accumulation of wealth from previous fights against Fury has led some to believe that Wilder may not be putting in the same level of effort in training, potentially affecting his performance in the ring. As the fight approaches, the uncertainty surrounding Wilder’s future looms large.

In an interview with Pro Boxing Fans, Zhang asserted his belief that he will emerge victorious in the fight, confidently stating that Hearn’s plans to sign Wilder will be derailed as he plans to retire the ‘Bronze Bomber’ with a defeat.

Reflecting on past mistakes, Zhang expressed confidence in his training and preparation, emphasizing that he has put in the hard work necessary to emerge victorious. As the anticipation for the fight builds, both fighters seem determined to prove their worth in the ring.

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