who won the boxing match austin mcbroom

who won the boxing match austin mcbroom

The Epic Boxing Match: Who Won? Austin McBroom Takes the Victory

On June 12, 2021, the highly-anticipated boxing match between TikTok star Bryce Hall and YouTube sensation Austin McBroom took place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The event, dubbed “Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms,” featured eight fights between popular social media influencers from TikTok and YouTube. However, the main event of the night was the McBroom vs. Hall fight, which had been hyped up for months prior to the event. In the end, it was Austin McBroom who emerged victorious, winning the fight in a stunning knockout in the third round.

The Build-Up to the Fight

The McBroom vs. Hall fight had been in the works for several months, with both influencers taking to social media to hype up the event. The two had engaged in a war of words, with McBroom accusing Hall of being a “fake tough guy” and Hall calling McBroom a “fraud.” The trash talk had reached a fever pitch by the time the two stepped into the ring, with fans eagerly anticipating the outcome of the fight.

In the weeks leading up to the event, both fighters had been training hard, with McBroom reportedly putting in several hours a day at the gym to prepare for the fight. He had also brought in professional boxers to help him train, including former world champion Zab Judah. Hall, on the other hand, had been working with renowned trainer BJ Flores to hone his boxing skills.

The Fight

The McBroom vs. Hall fight was the main event of the night, and it certainly lived up to its billing. The two fighters entered the ring to a raucous crowd, with fans cheering them on as they made their way to their corners. From the opening bell, it was clear that McBroom was the more skilled fighter, using his superior footwork and hand speed to keep Hall at bay.

In the first round, McBroom landed several powerful punches, including a left hook that sent Hall stumbling backwards. Hall managed to recover, but McBroom continued to dominate the round, landing several more punches and showing off his impressive footwork. In the second round, Hall tried to mount a comeback, but McBroom remained in control, using his jab to keep Hall at a distance.

It was in the third round that McBroom delivered the knockout blow. After landing a series of punches that left Hall dazed and confused, McBroom connected with a powerful right hook that sent Hall crashing to the canvas. The referee immediately called a stop to the fight, declaring McBroom the winner by knockout.

The Aftermath

Following his victory, McBroom was understandably ecstatic, celebrating with his team and fans. He took to social media to thank his supporters and express his gratitude for the opportunity to fight. Hall, on the other hand, was gracious in defeat, congratulating McBroom on his win and vowing to come back stronger in his next fight.

The McBroom vs. Hall fight was a huge success, drawing in millions of viewers from around the world and generating a significant amount of buzz on social media. It was a testament to the growing popularity of social media influencers and their ability to draw in massive audiences for events like this. As for McBroom, he has cemented his status as one of the top influencers in the game, and his victory over Hall will undoubtedly go down as one of the most memorable moments in the history of social media boxing.

who won the boxing match austin mcbroom

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