why aikido is disliked by bjj and mma practitioners

Aikido is a martial art that originated in Japan and focuses on using an opponent’s energy and movements against them. While it has its own unique techniques and philosophy, it is often criticized and disliked by practitioners of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). In this article, we will explore the reasons why Aikido is disliked by BJJ and MMA practitioners from various perspectives.

Lack of Practicality in Real Fights

One of the main reasons why BJJ and MMA practitioners dislike Aikido is its perceived lack of practicality in real fights. Aikido techniques often rely on the cooperation of the attacker, making it less effective in unpredictable and chaotic situations that can occur in a street fight or MMA competition.

Furthermore, Aikido techniques often involve complex joint locks and throws that may not be as effective against trained opponents who are skilled in ground fighting, such as BJJ practitioners. This leads to the perception that Aikido is not practical in realistic self-defense scenarios.

Emphasis on Harmony and Non-Resistance

Aikido’s emphasis on harmony and non-resistance is another aspect that can lead to its dislike by BJJ and MMA practitioners. In BJJ and MMA, the goal is to dominate and submit opponents using various techniques, including strikes, submissions, and takedowns.

Aikido, on the other hand, focuses on blending with an attacker’s energy and redirecting it rather than directly confronting and overpowering them. This approach can be seen as too passive and ineffective in the eyes of BJJ and MMA practitioners who prioritize aggression and control in combat.

why aikido is disliked by bjj and mma practitioners

Limited Sparring and Lack of Competition

Another reason why Aikido is disliked by BJJ and MMA practitioners is the limited sparring and lack of competitive opportunities within Aikido training. BJJ and MMA practitioners value live sparring and competition as a way to test and refine their techniques against resisting opponents.

In contrast, Aikido training often focuses on cooperative practice, where practitioners take turns performing techniques without resisting or actively trying to defeat each other. This lack of resistance and competitive pressure can be seen as a weakness by BJJ and MMA practitioners who believe that training against resistance is crucial for effective combat skills.

Perception of Traditionalism and Ineffectiveness

Aikido’s traditional roots and emphasis on spiritual development can also contribute to its dislike by BJJ and MMA practitioners. The traditional uniforms, formal etiquette, and philosophical aspects of Aikido can be seen as outdated and irrelevant in the context of modern combat sports.

Furthermore, the lack of emphasis on practicality and effectiveness in Aikido training can lead to the perception that it is an ineffective martial art in real-world self-defense situations or competitive fights.

Complexity and Lack of Practical Application

Aikido techniques often involve complex and intricate movements that require precise timing, balance, and coordination. This complexity can be seen as impractical and difficult to apply in fast-paced and dynamic situations, such as those encountered in BJJ and MMA.

BJJ and MMA practitioners often favor techniques that are simple, effective, and can be easily adapted to different situations. The perceived lack of practical application and adaptability in Aikido techniques can lead to its dislike by BJJ and MMA practitioners.

Focus on Traditional Weapons

Aikido incorporates the use of traditional Japanese weapons such as the wooden sword (bokken) and staff (jo). While the study of weapons can be beneficial for developing coordination and understanding of distance and timing, BJJ and MMA practitioners may see it as unnecessary and impractical in modern combat situations where weapons are not typically involved.

BJJ and MMA focus primarily on unarmed combat and grappling techniques, which are more applicable to real-world self-defense scenarios and competitive fights.


There are several reasons why Aikido is disliked by BJJ and MMA practitioners. These include the perceived lack of practicality in real fights, emphasis on harmony and non-resistance, limited sparring and lack of competition, perception of traditionalism and ineffectiveness, complexity and lack of practical application, and the focus on traditional weapons. It is important to note that these criticisms do not invalidate Aikido as a martial art, but rather highlight the differences in training methods and priorities between Aikido and combat sports like BJJ and MMA.

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