why does tommy conlon hate mma fighters

why does tommy conlon hate mma fighters

Tommy Conlon, a fictional character in the movie “Warrior,” is portrayed as someone who harbors a deep hatred for MMA fighters. This article aims to explore the possible reasons behind Tommy Conlon’s animosity towards MMA fighters, examining various aspects of his character and the context within which his feelings develop.

1. Personal Experience

Tommy Conlon’s disdain for MMA fighters may stem from personal experiences that have shaped his perception of the sport. Perhaps he had a negative encounter with a fighter or witnessed a violent incident that left a lasting impression on him.

2. Family History

Tommy Conlon’s family history could play a significant role in his hatred for MMA fighters. If his family suffered due to the sport or had a negative association with it, it could have influenced his perspective.

3. Jealousy and Resentment

Tommy Conlon’s hatred for MMA fighters could be driven by jealousy and resentment. If he had aspirations to become a fighter himself but failed, he might harbor bitterness towards those who succeeded in the sport.

4. Moral Opposition

Tommy Conlon may have moral objections to MMA and its violent nature. He might view the sport as promoting unnecessary brutality or consider it a form of human exploitation.

5. Fear and Insecurity

Tommy Conlon’s hatred for MMA fighters could be rooted in fear and insecurity. Perhaps he feels threatened by their physical prowess or fears being overshadowed by their success.

why does tommy conlon hate mma fighters

6. Emotional Trauma

It is possible that Tommy Conlon has experienced emotional trauma related to MMA fighters, such as witnessing a loved one being injured or killed in the ring. This trauma could contribute to his intense dislike for the sport.

7. Misunderstanding and Stereotypes

Tommy Conlon’s hatred for MMA fighters might be based on misunderstandings or stereotypes about the sport and its participants. He may hold preconceived notions about their character or motivations.

8. Personal Beliefs and Values

Tommy Conlon’s personal beliefs and values could clash with those commonly associated with MMA fighters. If he holds different ideals regarding sportsmanship, discipline, or violence, it could contribute to his animosity.

9. Emotional Betrayal

If Tommy Conlon had a close relationship with someone involved in MMA who betrayed him emotionally, it could lead to his hatred for all MMA fighters. This betrayal might have caused him to generalize his negative feelings.

10. Cultural or Social Factors

The cultural or social environment in which Tommy Conlon grew up might have influenced his hatred for MMA fighters. If his community or peer group held negative views towards the sport, he might have adopted those opinions.


While the exact reasons for Tommy Conlon’s hatred towards MMA fighters may be fictional and open to interpretation, this article has explored several possible factors. From personal experiences to emotional trauma, jealousy to moral opposition, a combination of these elements could contribute to Tommy Conlon’s deep-seated animosity towards MMA fighters.

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